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Bougie room sprays | invisibility mist

Bougie room sprays | invisibility mist

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The modern way to add high end fragrance and/or disguise an unwanted odor. Two sprays of our Bougie room spray can fully enrobe small areas like closets, bathrooms, or your car. Three to 5 sprays will fill medium to large rooms with fragrance that will last for hours to all day. Bougie room sprays are available in exotic vanilla and pure luxury scents. Each comes beautifully boxed for gifting.

Choose your laughable label:

  • smell no evil
  • the cover up
  • makes scents
  • mist me
  • invisibility mist

Only 3 ingredients! Distilled water, fragrance oil and witch hazel or ethyl alcohol. Oil separation is normal and to be expected, simply give the bottle a good shake before spraying.  Fragrances are made with non-toxic, phthalate-free, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, however, they are not safe for consumption, should be kept away from pets and children and should not be sprayed near an open flame. 



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