Signature Scents

Most of our fragrances are custom blends that have been thoughtfully curated to remind you of something familiar while leaving you guessing at the complex layers and sophistication. Base, middle and top notes have been carefully combined to draw you in, wrap you up and keep you dreaming.

Below is a list of our current scents available for all of our candles in all of our vessels.  Bougie Diffusers and Bougie Room Sprays are currently available in our exotic vanilla and pure luxury scents. 


  • exotic vanilla:

    a soft and woody vanilla scent that has more warmth and complexity than your typical vanilla fragrance thanks to tonka, amaretto, oud and musk

  • pure luxury:

    warmth, spice, woody, with a hint of sweet floral essence while still being gender neutral, this is our most complex and luxurious fragrance that will keep you longing for more; you will find notes of tonka, oud, saffron, violet, palo santo, bergamot, leather and vetiver.  

  • festive:

    sweet berries and juniper wafting through the air like bubbles in a familiar sparkling cocktail; notes of pomegranate, cedar, citrus, pine, geranium and sage

  • lemon pound cake:

    a wonderful balance of sweet and tart, this buttery gourmand fragrance is primarily lemon softened by notes of vanilla, sugar and cake.

  • woodlands:

    the most easily identifiable scent to anyone who has taken a walk through a lot of frasier firs, the most dominant type of Christmas Tree; the notes of cypress, fir, evergreen, cedar and moss may remind you of the holidays but is a scent that many enjoy all year around.